Nitapol Industries

At Nitapol Trading, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality chemicals in an efficient and timely manner. We have a wide variety of chemicals in our inventory ready to be distributed throughout the India at a moment’s notice. Our success stems from our dedication to customer satisfaction. By understanding the needs of our clients, we are able to keep them supplied with the chemicals that they need which allows them to focus on making sure their business runs smoothly.


Nitapol offers a high quality, reliable and, above all, a complete delivery service of chemicals that covers the who3le supply chain, from pick-up and shipping to custom clearance and delivery to the customer’s site. Nitapol also prides itself on after sales technical services, which include visits by technically proficient personnel as well as regular technical seminars. By leveraging ACT’s bulk storage facilities, Nitapol able to purchase, store and deliver to customers their liquid chemical requirements in an efficient, reliable, cost effective, and above all safe manner and thereby saving customers on their storage requirements as well as product costs.


With a motive to provide proper pest management solutions, we have introduced premium grade Bio Pesticides for the clients. These pesticides are made by concentrating and growing naturally occurring organisms, at our end. Considered one of the best plant protection products, we make sure that the level of quality for these products is always kept high. Being a quality centric manufacturer, supplier and trading company, we formulate the Botanical Insecticides, Organic Insecticide Formulations etc.


Insecticides are active substances or plant protection preparations having the property to kill insects, their larvae and / or eggs. They are part of the family of pesticides, themselves included in the family of biocides, in india regulated by specific directives. The generic term “insecticide” also includes the pesticides for struggle against arthropods which are not insects (eg spiders or mites such as ticks) and sometimes as repellents.

"We trust in customer satisfaction. So that we try to give the best customer service in the world to our customer"

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